October 5, 2009

Long Weekend

Well it has been a few days, it was a long weekend-but good. Friday we were able to go to our friend's house for game night once again. We hadn't been in awhile due to hectic schedules over the summer with baseball, etc. We just get together and play board games with another couple while the kids get time to play with one another.

Saturday morning bright and early Logan had a soccer game, he played against his friend's team(which is his old team) and lost 5-1. He did have a good time though, that's all that matters, right? After the game we headed home to grab lunch and cleanup and then headed right back out for a double birthday party...Lazer Tag. The kids had a blast! I was so drained from the previous two days that we went straight home and I watched a movie with the girls while Logan headed to spend the night with his friend. We had another busy day ahead of us Sunday.

Farm Aid was a good time, it helped me understand the struggles of today's farmers more than I did before. I had no idea how much hard work is put into running a farm and I appreciate our farmer's a lot more now than before. I had a lot of fun spending time with my family as well. My parents were there along with my sister and my husband. It was a long but good day. I learned about organic milk, and it is actually pretty good. I just wish that eating healthy was more cost efficient than eating non-healthy food. Why is that? I think more people would eat healthier if prices to do so were lower. Anyway, just a thought.

Until next time...

October 1, 2009

Quiet Nights

Last night was a good night for us. It's not too often that my husband and I actually get time to sit down, relax, and enjoy some quiet television time together...last night we had the opportunity. It sounds rather trivial but I actually long for those little moments. Having 3 children and always being busy makes for some hectic evenings; last night not so much! Yesterday I got much accomplished; I cleaned the house, made dinner, dessert(which rarely ever happens), and was able to sit back and enjoy a little television with my hubby before he went by a friends house for a little while. I was asleep early so there will be no complaining out of me.

September 29, 2009

Play Time

Well today is yet another cool breezy day...but I don't mind it so much.

Hannah is officially a Girl Scout now...she is very excited and will be selling cookies soon. It will be nice for her to have an activity to be around other girls her age. She has friends in the neighborhood but most times plays with her brother and his friends. It will also give us something to do together when outings come up with her troop.

Logan is in soccer mode now and practices quite a bit so it keeps him busy after homework everyday. They are not doing to bad either...tied their first game and won the second. I like getting out in the fall weather to watch him play.

Chloe is a little busy bee today. We walk to school everyday and she kept conversation with me and after lunch said, "mommy, let's read...and build a tower." So that is what we did. We read a Care Bears Halloween book and built her tower.
Pretty good for a 4 year old...LOL. We have built bigger and better towers but this was her own. It was fun! Sometimes I get preoccupied and we don't get as much time to "play" when she gets home from school and I have to remind myself to slow down. The dishes can wait 30 minutes and I can fold laundry later. I don't want time to just pass us by. That is my goal for the week...take more time and slow down. I feel like I am fast forward a lot of the time and it's the little moments that kids remember.

Now it's time to get things done around the house before dinner and soccer practice tonight(because I have homework due later). So until next time....

September 28, 2009

Breezy Days

Wow, talk about a change in weather. If I didn't feel it before I do now-Fall has arrived! Although, I cannot complain...fall is my favorite season. I love the coolness without all the snow and ice, I love the smell of leaves burning, and I love that it is soccer season for Logan. Don't get me wrong, he played baseball for the first time this year and it was a lot of fun but nothing beats soccer season for me!!
Today was a busy day, and to end it we had soccer practice and Hannah is officially a Girl Scout. She is recovering from a broken arm so we all decided together that maybe she should sit this season of soccer out and find another activity. She found it....and is excited! Now Chloe is talking about tee ball next summer. Ahhh, having 3 kiddos can make for busy days anytime of the year let alone activities all at the same time. It'll work itself out though. I love being on the go....

Well this is kind of a short update, I am actually supposed to be doing MY homework right now and I am procrastinating, which happens often. So....it's off to work I go(on homework that is).

Until next time.....

September 14, 2009

School Daze

I am a little behind. Chloe really enjoyed her first day back to school. I on the other hand was a little sad, as this is her last year of preschool and she will be in Kindergarten next fall. It is crazy how fast kids grow, it feels like yesterday that she was crawling around on the floor. Chloe is much more independent than her brother and sister were at her age. When talking to Chloe I feel like I am talking to another adult sometimes. Earlier today she was telling me how "disappointed" she was that her brother "be's mean" to her. It was so cute. Her brother, Logan, actually loves her to pieces. Logan and Hannah are enjoying their new schools as well this year. This makes me happy because I was so worried about them starting a new school. We are keeping busy with homework, and then the kids want to run and hang out with their friends as soon as they are done.
Logan is getting ready to start another soccer season and I think that I am more excited than he is about it. With staying at home with the kids presently it helps to get out of the house every now and then.

Speaking of getting out of the house, it is time to get Chloe outside. She is a television junkie and I am trying to find other things to occupy her time. Until next time.....

August 26, 2009

One day at a time...

Last night was a long night. Logan has gotten up two nights in a row after having a bad dream. It is hard to even get him back to sleep, he hears any little noise and immediately thinks that someone is trying to get in the house. This didn't make for a pleasant morning for everyone. Hannah started her new school today and Chloe started preschool today and she was very excited so that helped. It is amazing to see the difference in personalities of each of the kids, they are all so different from one another. Next year will be a sad time for me considering Chloe will be entering Kindergarten...she is growing too fast for me. I am still not working so this is a big change for me being home alone. Thankfully Chloe is only gone 2 and a half hours out of the day so I still get my one on one time with her. I know that the time is coming soon when I will start to look for work again, whether that is before or after the holidays I am not sure. Thank goodness for unemployment.

One good thing is that I do have school to keep me occupied, I am still in school and I hope to be done in the next year but then I want to move forward for my Bachelor's so it is a never ending process. I am just thankful for the opportunity to be able to go back to school. It is also showing the kids that you are never too old to try something new. It also helps them understand the importance of homework because now mom has homework just like them. So we will see how the first few weeks of school for "everyone" goes, hopefully we will get back in the swing of things pretty quick. Until then we will just take it day by day.

August 11, 2009

Summer vacation coming to an end...

Well, one week from today the kids will return to school for another fun-filled year. I will officially have a 5th grader, 4th grader, and Chloe will start her second year of preschool. Seeing them grow so fast can be sad at times but very interesting as well. Chloe's vocabulary has really taken off. My four year old now sounds like a 13 year old. I do not know where the time has gone to be honest. She approached me the other day telling me "she wants to be married." I proceeded to tell her that she is not even out of preschool yet and has "plenty" of time to think about that...when she's 30!
Hannah is in her "drama" phase and everything is amplified times five. If she gets upset it seems like the end of the world is coming. She has been around the house more due to her broken arm. (5 more weeks of having a cast) Logan pretty much does his own thing but Hannah loves to tag along with him and his friends so it can get pretty ugly when that happens. They are so close in age that they basically have the same group of friends. To all that do not know, Logan is only 11 1/2 months older than Hannah.

For me I am not sure what comes next. I am back in school for classes to finish out my Paralegal Studies degree then I want to move on to my Bachelor's degree. I think getting back to school will do us all a bit of good. I am at home with the kids now but intend on becoming employed again sometime soon. My "dream" is to be able to wait it out until next fall when Chloe enters Kindergarten. I'm not sure that I can hold off that long, we'll see. So for now summer vacation is ending for us all in some way or another and a new chapter begins....

Until then.....