September 14, 2009

School Daze

I am a little behind. Chloe really enjoyed her first day back to school. I on the other hand was a little sad, as this is her last year of preschool and she will be in Kindergarten next fall. It is crazy how fast kids grow, it feels like yesterday that she was crawling around on the floor. Chloe is much more independent than her brother and sister were at her age. When talking to Chloe I feel like I am talking to another adult sometimes. Earlier today she was telling me how "disappointed" she was that her brother "be's mean" to her. It was so cute. Her brother, Logan, actually loves her to pieces. Logan and Hannah are enjoying their new schools as well this year. This makes me happy because I was so worried about them starting a new school. We are keeping busy with homework, and then the kids want to run and hang out with their friends as soon as they are done.
Logan is getting ready to start another soccer season and I think that I am more excited than he is about it. With staying at home with the kids presently it helps to get out of the house every now and then.

Speaking of getting out of the house, it is time to get Chloe outside. She is a television junkie and I am trying to find other things to occupy her time. Until next time.....

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