October 5, 2009

Long Weekend

Well it has been a few days, it was a long weekend-but good. Friday we were able to go to our friend's house for game night once again. We hadn't been in awhile due to hectic schedules over the summer with baseball, etc. We just get together and play board games with another couple while the kids get time to play with one another.

Saturday morning bright and early Logan had a soccer game, he played against his friend's team(which is his old team) and lost 5-1. He did have a good time though, that's all that matters, right? After the game we headed home to grab lunch and cleanup and then headed right back out for a double birthday party...Lazer Tag. The kids had a blast! I was so drained from the previous two days that we went straight home and I watched a movie with the girls while Logan headed to spend the night with his friend. We had another busy day ahead of us Sunday.

Farm Aid was a good time, it helped me understand the struggles of today's farmers more than I did before. I had no idea how much hard work is put into running a farm and I appreciate our farmer's a lot more now than before. I had a lot of fun spending time with my family as well. My parents were there along with my sister and my husband. It was a long but good day. I learned about organic milk, and it is actually pretty good. I just wish that eating healthy was more cost efficient than eating non-healthy food. Why is that? I think more people would eat healthier if prices to do so were lower. Anyway, just a thought.

Until next time...

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