September 29, 2009

Play Time

Well today is yet another cool breezy day...but I don't mind it so much.

Hannah is officially a Girl Scout now...she is very excited and will be selling cookies soon. It will be nice for her to have an activity to be around other girls her age. She has friends in the neighborhood but most times plays with her brother and his friends. It will also give us something to do together when outings come up with her troop.

Logan is in soccer mode now and practices quite a bit so it keeps him busy after homework everyday. They are not doing to bad either...tied their first game and won the second. I like getting out in the fall weather to watch him play.

Chloe is a little busy bee today. We walk to school everyday and she kept conversation with me and after lunch said, "mommy, let's read...and build a tower." So that is what we did. We read a Care Bears Halloween book and built her tower.
Pretty good for a 4 year old...LOL. We have built bigger and better towers but this was her own. It was fun! Sometimes I get preoccupied and we don't get as much time to "play" when she gets home from school and I have to remind myself to slow down. The dishes can wait 30 minutes and I can fold laundry later. I don't want time to just pass us by. That is my goal for the week...take more time and slow down. I feel like I am fast forward a lot of the time and it's the little moments that kids remember.

Now it's time to get things done around the house before dinner and soccer practice tonight(because I have homework due later). So until next time....

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