February 2, 2010

Cabin Fever

So....today is Groundhog Day and of course, 6 more weeks of winter. I am not a fan of Winter at all~I am more a spring, summer, and fall kind of girl. Thankfully we are taking a road trip to Florida in just about 5 weeks. I cannot express how excited I am for this. The kids have never been anywhere before and I cannot wait to show them the ocean. Ahhh one week in Florida~if only March 12th would arrive I would be a happy girl. It's been crazy at home lately...especially since we cannot just go outside for a walk or to the park to get out. Chloe has been tripping over her own feet lately and this is something new. It is starting to concern me so if it keeps up then I may have to take her to Dr. Kathie to make sure she is ok. She has flat foot, which they do not treat anymore, and she has been fine but now is falling a lot. We'll see how it goes.

Well, I hear the kids calling my name~
Until next time...

January 27, 2010

Anxiety is a nasty thing

So my anxiety has been getting the best of me lately. I am not sure if this is just something a mother does, if it comes with age, or if it is all me. My anxiety isn't over everyday normal stuff like school, marriage, etc. No mine is over health, my health to be exact. I worry everytime something hurts me or I get sleepy out of nowhere. I am not quite sure why I do this to myself. I go to my doctor next week and hopefully he can confirm that it is in fact, all in my head. If for some reason it is not then I will deal with that when the time comes. I have spent most of my life worrying about things and when the time comes~it was worrying over nothing. Worrying gets me nowhere but ruining my days that could be spent doing other things. I just have to keep this scripture in my mind when I am having another anxiety attack. "Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink;or about your body, what you will wear." Matthew 6:25

Hopefully this too will pass and I can get out of this slump I have been in lately. I need to start having a better outlook on 2010.

January 26, 2010

Time to play catch up...

So I have been out of the loop for the past few months with the holidays and everything. I am back in action. Speaking of holidays~I had a great holiday season. The best part of Christmas for me is not only the kids getting excited but also the reason for the season~God. I actually took time to slow down and remember the reason for Christmas in 2009 and it was nice.
Fast forward to January (present time)I am back for another semester of school to finish up my Paralegal Studies degree. I am about 9-10 classes away from completing this goal for myself. I feel a little anxiety creeping in as I am taking 3 classes this semester along with tending to the kids and maintaining the house. It will all payoff in the end I keep telling myself. I am still staying home with the kids currently but around mid summer I plan on looking for work. Chloe will be entering Kindergarten in the fall so me working will not interfere with her care during the day. She is growing too fast, but watching the kids grow is such a blessing.
I have a busy night ahead of me so until next time...